Move Forth With Grace: A Discipleship for Women

Our Shepherd and Shield Psalm 23 and Psalm 91

July 05, 2023
Move Forth With Grace: A Discipleship for Women
Our Shepherd and Shield Psalm 23 and Psalm 91
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Move Forth With Grace!  The podcast where we can read the Bible in a year or faster if you'd like now that it is recorded and ready for you and where we can immerse ourselves into God's Word and open our hearts to His lessons each day so that the wisdom of God can move through us and into the lives of those around us and continue in generations to come.   I am your host Angela and want to first of all say that I am not an expert in Theology or Church History or a Minister and I never will claim to be.  I am a 44 year old woman and mother who has been reborn and want to be of service to Him in gratitude for calling me back home. Welcome to the Podcast! 

The version of the Bible that I will be reading from is The Founder's Bible and it is a New American Standard Version and includes historical documents from our founding fathers and how they were inspired by the word of God when they were forming our country.  You can find your copy here if you would like:

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This episode is also brought to you by the Move Forth brand that encompasses freedom, health, and God's grace.  We are created in God's image perfectly and fearfully and wonderfully.  There is nothing that we need to do to earn His Grace...He simply gives it to us.  I have tips, resources, products that I love and use and merchandise available on my website for you here and you can also join the Move Forth with Grace Community:

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Thank you for being here....thank you for becoming less like you and more like Jesus.

May you Move Forth with Grace today!

Love, Angela 

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